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To give you that energy before the walk, you will taste our special Kaynã coffee, accompanied by cornmeal cake (Kaynã of course). Meanwhile, the producer Jefferson tells a little about the history of the farm and about the sustainable actions carried out from the production to the delivery of Kaynã products. We start the tour at the charming Chapel of Santo Antônio from 1950, where we tell a little about the history of the farm. Then we head to the coffee plantation, making strategic stops for explanations about the coffee plant, sustainable management, care to achieve the quality of specialty coffees and, of course, many interesting facts surrounding this fascinating culture. The tour continues to the coffee yard, where the ways of selecting beans, drying and the theory of how special coffees are tasted are presented. This itinerary takes place throughout the year, but the beans on the tree and on the terrace can only be seen during the coffee harvest season, which takes place from May to July.

Hours: 10:00 am at weekend and holidays
Duration: 2:30h
Price: R$120.00 per person


We start with a tasting of our Kaynã special coffee accompanied by cornmeal cake, while the producer Jefferson himself tells how the idea of launching Kaynã cornmeal came about (with a little push by chef Alex Atala). Afterwards, we went to the Casa do Moinho de Pedra from 1955, there we told the story of this place that used several machines, including the stone mill currently used for the production of our Fubá Kaynã. In the past, the machines were moved with the energy of a water wheel, which, despite being at a standstill, is still in place today. Afterwards, everyone can see the mill working and listen to the explanations and illustrations that show why cornmeal Kaynã is healthier, tastier and more sustainable.

Hours: 3:30 pm at saturday and holidays
Duration: 1:30 hour
Price: R$ 90.00 per person


It is necessary to book through WhatsApp +55 (19) 99994-1407
Groups with a maximum of 14 people
Children up to 5 years old do not pay, from 6 to 10 pay half
Pets can accompany, as long as they are on a leash.
Pay on the day, we accept cards


We also receive schools and students from technical and university courses, for more information please contact us.

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